This is very important.  Please read it carefully!

1. Get the medical care you need now. Your health is the most important thing! Do not delay getting necessary care. If you wait to see a doctor it can hurt your case. A delay can raise a doubt if the injury was really related to your job.

2. Call us as soon as possible so we can guide you to the best doctor. Which doctor you choose can have a major impact on your case. Depending on your injury, a chiropractor or a family doctor may be a bad choice. An orthopedic surgeon or another specialist may be better for your case. Each case is different. To add to the confusion the workers compensation laws will only cover a certain number of different doctors. The sooner you contact us, the better able we will be to get you in the right direction.

3. Keep good records of what happens. If you go to a doctor make sure to keep a good record of what doctor you saw and when you saw them.

4. Let your employer know about the injury. You should tell your supervisor or boss of any injury as soon as possible. If you cannot find them then you can let the Human Resources Department know. Make sure to write down who you told, when you told them and what you said about your injury.

5. Do not sign anything that is not necessary for immediate medical treatment. If they give you paperwork it is best if you bring it to us so we can help you fill it out.

Contact The Sexner Law Group now so we can make sure that you find out what you need to know.